Piano Project

Picture of Piano Project Teachers and Students, along with Mr. and Mrs. Butler


All Piano Project Activities, including auditions, lessons, group classes, rehearsals, and the Honors Recital will be conducted over Zoom.

Dr. Margarita Denenburg, Director
Martin Kesuma, Coordinator

Our program consists of one individual 30 minute lesson and one group 30 minute theory lesson per week. Individual and theory lessons are closely correlated to reinforce each other.

Individual lessons are taught by music majors – undergraduate and/or graduate students – who are concurrently enrolled in piano pedagogy courses. Theory classes are taught by Teaching Assistants who are graduate students in master’s or doctoral programs. All lessons are taught on Tuesdays between 5 and 7 p.m.

Our young teachers are undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a variety of highly demanding music degrees. Your child’s lesson time is scheduled very carefully in consideration with many demands our young teachers have to meet. Makeup lessons are not a part of our policy. Should your child miss a lesson, a possible makeup lesson will be entirely up to the courtesy of the teacher.

All students perform for a Dress Rehearsal at the end of the semester. The Dress Rehearsal recommends participants for the Honors Recital.

Young students do not benefit from studying with more than one teacher at a time. They get confused by different approaches and overwhelmed by additional demands, therefore our policy prohibits concurrent enrollment. If your child is curently enrolled in lesons it is assumed that upon admittance to the Piano Project, your child will cease lessons with the other teacher and study solely with the Piano Project.

Musical growth will develop as a result of cooperation and support between parents, students, and teachers. PLEASE ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO ESTABLISH DAILY PRACTICE HABITS!

Regular attendance at lessons is essential to progress. Any student in the Piano Project who misses two lessons or two theory classes will be on probation. Any further missed lessons will require a conference with Dr. Denenburg, director of the program, to determine whether the student will remain in the program. Illness or family emergencies will be excused absences.

Readmittance into the Piano Project will be the decision of Professor Gilmson, in consultation with the student’s teacher and the Project Coordinator. The decision will be based on the availability of a teacher as well as the CONSISTENT PRACTICE AND PROGRESS OF A STUDENT.


Tuition for participation in the Project is $150.00 per semester, payable immediately after an applicant has been notified of acceptance. Tuition is not refundable. If you have more than one child in Piano or String Project, payment by installments could be arranged by individual request. Tuition from participants is used for UT-Austin music students’ scholarships.
For returning students we must receive payment postmarked by our deadline or your place will be made available for new students. Please note once again that tuition is non-refundable. As always, make sure that your schedule does not conflict with the Piano Project.

Please make checks payable to:
UT-Austin (For: Piano Project)

Write your child’s name on the check, and send it to:

Piano Project
Butler School of Music
2406 Robert Dedman Drive
Stop E3100
Austin, TX 78712-1555